Saturday, December 17, 2016

Politicians What They Say & Do...

     .. Are Two Different Things.

George W. Bush-- Campaign 2000

The Issue Of Nation Building...
Iraq Had Nothing To Do With 9/11

November 16, 2003

Still An Issue Boiling Over Into The 2016 Election Campaigns

At the end of the clip Trump shouts about George W. not following CIA's advice.
Now he seems to indicate his own lack of listening to the CIA in recent weeks.

Then on the other hand Trump said in 2003

The point is-- even though Donald Trump may seem like a flame thrower you never know what he actually will do in office. We didn't with George W. Bush nor several other Presidents both before and after the many campaign promises they spoke.

Yes Donald has lots of bluster. Like those before-- what politicians say and do are two very different things. I am concerned about his fiery talk, However looking back 16 years ago I no longer find comfort in the words George W. spoke. Words of a more "humble nation". It doesn't square with the mess he created throughout the middle east our next president in 2017 is still left to deal with.

Will Donald Trump soften on many of his hard issued statements?

He already has on a number of them. Let us hope he succeeds well for the sake of the United States & the world by actions not some of the past words he's spoken in haste. All of us know of certain individuals who's bark is worse then their bite. Let's hope Donald is one of them once in office.

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