Saturday, December 3, 2016

No Puedo Hablar Ingles- No Problem

When 'Star Trek' first aired I wondered how Captain James T. Kirk could know all the alien languages. After all if you want to get to know an alien upfront close and really personal you need to be able to communicate with them. Captain Kirk sure had a rapport going for him, especially with the women. Now we know how he did it. Obviously he had a unseen electronic speech translator which sure seemed to impress the ladies.

Who would have imagined back in 1966 such a device-- like many of the other 'Star Trek' devices-- would be made possible for anyone today owning a small communicator smartphone.

Uploaded March 12, 2012

Video Courtesy: "TechMeShow"

Here Obviously Is A James T. Kirk Wannabe...

Being developed by "Waverly Labs" through crowdfunding.
This product should be available for $199 around May 2017

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