Thursday, December 15, 2016

My Medicare Synopsis (2016)

I'm very meticulous when it comes to my budget and what I spend. In light of that here's why I'm a 100% supporter of Medicare (as it now stands).

In 2016 Medicare cost me $1,258. Medicare paid out $1,055.58 more then I paid in. Part D paid out $154.29 more then I paid in. I also bought complete 'Medigap' insurance . In this case it cost me $831.28 more then it paid out.

However taking all the premiums I paid together ($3,187.20) with what each paid I still came out ahead by $373.79.

What a relief. This is the first time in my life I've never received a bill from a doctor or hospital. Although medicines still cost me they were far more then offset what they would have been under my previous employer's plan.

Name me one other insurance plan where an MRI billed at $4,635 accepted a Medicare payment of $155.38. Nor where a medicine billed at $384.99 accepted a payment of $43.46.

This is why it concerns me when Donald Trump and conservatives in congress speak of seeking changes to Medicare & Social Security. Instead of cuts to Medicare they should be seeking expansions of it to younger folks. Having more younger folks-- with less age related illnesses-- will further serve to strength it.

Ask anyone you know who's now on Medicare whether it even compares to plans they had from the companies they worked for. Companies themselves complained for years why they should be held responsible for employees healthcare cost. Companies only hired people to do the needed tasks. Instead have been burdened years both during and after for employees healthcare and retirement financial needs. That's a whole lot of unnecessary burden for them and certainly a consideration when it comes for a need to hire additional workers.

It's beyond time to rethink how this nation provides for the retired (Social Security) and healthcare (Medicare). Each and every one of us-- pending premature death-- will need both one day. Anyone in government who even thinks about shortchanging these programs-- rather then strengthening them-- should be called out for what they are. Enemies towards the common good for the people.

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