Saturday, December 31, 2016

My End Of The Year Wrap Up (2016 In Review)

This being my last post for 2016 I thought a few things worth mentioning as I'm prone to do at the end of each and every year. I'm really appreciative the amount of readers almost doubled in the last year. Be that as it may-- the fact remains the amount of comment interaction has not. Maybe people stopped commenting because they are turned off with my views or temperament. Who knows-- It's not like I'm seeking popularity nor confrontations, but it would be nice to hear other people's thoughts from time to time.

Going over the most popular posts many are ones I thought would be less important. Mostly daily fillers between the items I felt would be more of significance. I'm not sure why.

Although I asked this question many times w/o a response-- What most interest you?

Looking Forward Into 2017
Like in past years I will not limit myself on the number of subjects I find interesting. Whether it be local issues, technology, politics, science, entertainment, the environment, history, useful tips or anything else I come across in the next year-- all shall be brought to my readers' attention in the coming days ahead.

Who knows what may or may not be found here in the future. I certainly have no idea where the coming year will take me. With appreciation It's my hope readers of this blog continue to join me in what lies ahead in 2017.

Once again a great big thank you. Here's looking forward to 2017 and whatever it may bring.

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