Thursday, December 29, 2016

LVCI Revisits Some 2016 Posts (Part 4)

I decided to take a look back over the 398 posts I made in 2016 over the next few days. Although many weren't the most popular these will be the ones which seemed most significant to me. Some which you might have missed. For the next few days consider them as a 2016 year in review of sorts.

My New Year Resolutions And More

My Personal Resolutions For 2016
What's the point. I never lived up to any of them anyways. Still smoke, drink beer, curse, read less books then watch TV, don't exercise enough nor eliminated meat from my diet, On second thought yes I do have one. That is not to frustrate myself by making any. Alas I'm certain this time I'll be 100% successful for the first time!

Changes To This Blog
Are you Kidding. Face it, it's already as good as it's gonna get. If I wanted a better blog I'd have someone else write it. Since that isn't going to happen readers can look forward to pretty much the same garbage in 2016. Why change now?

Best Stories On This Blog In 2015
All of them pretty much sucked. Hell this post might be the best post you'll read in 2016. This could turn out to be a real time saver for many of my future readers.. You're Welcome.

#1 Reader Of This Blog In 2015

My Favorite Blogger

6 Wishes For Myself In 2016
Grow back a full head of hair. Being able to wear 30" waist pants. Weigh 130lbs once again. Climb the steps to the second floor w/o becoming out of breath. Having $100,000 a year to spend. Having one wish left for six more.

Wishes For All My Readers In 2016
That each and everyone of you I sincerely hope will have a better 2016 then you had the year before.


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