Saturday, December 17, 2016

Greatest Voices You Never Heard (Music Videos)

Very early on I tried to help a young singer/composer. I learned quickly there's a whole bunch of singers. What's needed beyond is not just the ability to sing but a whole lot of luck, great connections as well as the ability to compose and arrange great tunes. None of which I could provide.

Fortunately there are opportunities available to young performers today which weren't back then.

A few years ago a close acquaintance tried to audition for 'American Idol'. He found out it isn't as easy as it sounds. He had to sing acapella at the same time as four others among a dozen groups doing theirs all at the same time in a large field. This after judges were exhausted listening to 100's of others who were grouped in this way.

Undismayed he moved to New York. He did manage to find some work. However he found it a much better opportunity to further his education becoming a real estate broker. Today he deals in multi-million dollar properties. A few years ago he returned to the "State Theatre: in Easton for a "Freddie Awards" show in a cameo appearance. Yes he still performs occasionally for fun but relieved he doesn't have to depend on it for a living.

God bless those you see below-- may they have success if they choose to stay in the music field.

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