Thursday, December 15, 2016

Easton's Rain Water Tax Problem

You can read all about it HERE

For many years as rain fell it was absorbed into the undeveloped farm fields never returning to the rivers. Much which farmers drew from the rivers to water their crops. As development ensued there were vast amounts of paved over and concreted properties which allowed ever increasing amounts of rainwater to reenter rivers through storm drains. Granted it wasn't all 100% pollution free but none the less helped to contribute an ever growing amount of rain water runoff to return to rivers where otherwise it would not have in years past.

Is this be a bad thing?

As population increases there is an ever increasing need for water removal from these rivers. The question is this-- should taxpayers be punished or rather rewarded?

Seems to me increasing the amount of rain runoff being allowed to collect and be funneled back helping feed rivers should be a good thing--no?

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