Thursday, December 8, 2016

Anyone Catch NBC's "Hairspray" LIVE last Night?

I'll admit we weren't going to watch it, but sure glad we did !

The wife & I loved every minute of it including the ads. These were advertisements presenting their products like I've haven't seen on TV in years. They which of themselves were entertaining. I'm not sure if these videos won't be taken down, but for now here are two of the best musical moments.

Critics agreed alike Jennifer Hudson knocked it out of the park with this performance...

The show wrapped up with this performance by Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson

If your browser supports it, you can watch all 2 hours right here

In my opinion this is the best thing I've seen on TV in years. Some of cast members were from stars of Hamilton, Aladdin and a whole host of others. I enjoyed the off camera behind the scenes moments. The advertisements appealed to the heart rather then hard sells. Nothing could be more perfect.

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