Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Will Bethlehem Water Users Help Pay For Lost Casino Fees?

Council backs 10 percent sewer rate hike in Bethlehem
Sara K. Satullo |
"Bethlehem City Council backed a 10 percent sewer rate hike proposed as a way to help balance the 2017 city budget... Council also endorsed a plan to consolidate the parks and public works departments... The budget preparation comes as the city faces the loss of a multi-million-dollar host fee paid by Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem"

In My Opinion
Water consumption (public works) should have nothing to do with either parks nor lost casino fees. Then again when it comes to government funding little makes sense.

Water fess should only be going towards water costs. As far as casinos fees, they should be considered a windfall having nothing to do with either of the other two.

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