Friday, November 11, 2016

Who's Accountable For Loss Of USA Jobs?

The short answer isn't bad trade deals but rather American consumers themselves.

In spring of 2016 a poll was conducted which showed Americans prefer low prices to items 'Made in the USA' . Oh wow, who would have guessed !

Who Needs A Poll?
I can tell you from the many years my wife once worked in retail this is absolute fact. Among the many departments she once worked in at the former Wanamaker's department store was costume & fine jewelry. Clothing was another. In each and every case she'd ring up many more sales on the cheaper imported items then those higher priced American goods. So which one do you think the store was more likely to reorder stock from?

We can complain as the day is long, but fact is supply and demand will always reign king. Back in the days when Toyota and Honda were selling their cars for $2,500 Chevy, Chrysler and Ford were selling theirs for upwards of $4,000. Because Americans took the cheapest route shouldn't be any wonder why the Detroit motor industry has eventually become what it is today.

We Vote With Our Wallets
We can scream, holler and demand of our politicians to mess with these trade deals all we want, but the fact is none of us would be in this mess if it weren't for we ourselves and our buying habits. Americans rather fill their walk in closets with cheap clothes they only wear three or four times rather then American made clothes they could wear numerous times over many years. Even though smartphones can last for years most buy a new one every year. Our dumps are filled with items we've thrown out although they could have been used much longer.

If we really are sincere about bringing jobs back to the United States it first has to start with us being willing to pay for higher priced American goods. No politician can change this reality if Americans aren't willing themselves. As far as I'm concerned unless/until consumers are willing American jobs are not coming back like they once were. Dream on.

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