Thursday, November 10, 2016

We Need To Fix How We Elect Presidents

"The number of electors in each state is equal to the number of members of Congress to which the state is entitled...

All states, except for Maine and Nebraska, have chosen electors on a "winner-take-all" basis since the 1880s"

Here's My Concerns
The electoral vote was designed with the most noblest intentions by our forefathers envisioning one day a looney bird could be elected by the most popular vote. In other words they didn't trust voters 100%. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But look what happens instead.

(1) "The number of electors in each state is equal to the number of members of Congress.": This means even if as so few voted as 10% the other 90% would be counted as if to have voted for the candidate running for office. An argument can be made well screw them if they didn't bother to vote. However if this were a very populous state (one with a high electoral vote count) as opposed a state where let's say 90% voted but having few college electors -- via electoral votes a candidate can win despite having received a lesser number of individual votes.

(2) "Except for Maine and Nebraska, ..."winner-take-all"."": Talk about an uneven playing field. If 51% favor a candidate, the other 49% of the votes cast don't mean squat.

(3) Over 99% of the time electoral vote representatives are certain to cast their votes on the greatest number of votes cast for a certain candidate in each of their states whether or not a whacky doodle ends up running for office. Which was what the forefathers had in mind when they set up this system to try and prevent this from happening.

(4) The 2016 elections resulted in Hillary getting over 200,000 votes above those of Trump. Yet because of this system she lost. I don't think that is the way this system is suppose to work nor how it was intended so long ago. No wonder there's so much anger and frustration.

These protestors after the election need to shut up and sit down. They will accomplish nothing except create more anguish between an ever growing divide. This is not how we should be going about things.

Instead. they should focus their efforts on changing the way we elect presidents.
(a) Doing away with the electoral vote count system
(b) Get their ass out to vote in the first place (no matter how stacked the system).
(c) Spend 1 or 2 hours voting instead of days screaming, hollering & disrupting the lives of those who did.
(d) Nobody likes to have you guys in our face. It doesn't advance your cause (quite the opposite).

In Summary
Democracy should be ever evolving. No matter how noble the founders intentions where they were on the cutting edge in their time. They started out from scratch. I'm certain they would have wanted us to further refine the system they envisioned. They had no way of knowing some 200 years later how all their ideas would play out. If we fail to carry out their dreams for this nation it's on us for our failure to do so.

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