Thursday, November 17, 2016

Things I've Noticed About Social Media

Most people visiting websites don't take the time to study issues nor the links provided. Instead choosing to bloviate about their own ideology over what is presented. Facts no longer seem to matter. It seems as though most facts have gone by the wayside as if many views' taken on a religious nature of their own over that of reality.

Most people seem to prefer leaving comments with bloggers on Facebook and other social media websites which allow them to disseminate their views going unchecked. Hence become the most popular even if lacking the dissemination of truthful information.

It's thereby incumbent to each and every one of us to separate and determine for ourselves wherein there is truth and that which is not. So too with comments left on many of these sites.

It doesn't matter to this blogger whether 10 or a 1,000 visit this blog daily. What matters to me is not my popularity nor the number of comments but only the truth be told.

This is my mission.

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