Monday, November 28, 2016

Some Things I'll Never Understand

The 2016 Election Recounts
Donald Trump and his supporters are going ballistic over this. Why the fuss?

It was Trump himself who said he wouldn't accept the outcome if he felt it was rigged. Had things turned out the opposite you better believe he'd be screaming bloody murder. I think almost everyone agrees after the recount it's not likely there will be a change in it's outcome. If this is the case it will serve only to prove Trump was right, he's the legitimate winner.

Trump's tweet accused 3 million votes were illegal going toward Hillary. Then why doesn't he challenge those as a preventative measure in case this recount goes against him?

Laws have been put into place that make it both hard and expensive to request recounts. But they are there for a reason. To satisfy all parties the voting was done fairly and accurately. One of the things I don't understand is how everyone thinks it a great idea when questionable sports rulings come under review but are against something far more important to this nation then some football or baseball game. I mean really!

Trying To Sell Me Crap
Over the last week I've had over two dozen emails with faked addresses try to get me to click on their bait. Why would I click on anyone's email who lied about who they are? To my way of thinking it s surefire sign they're anything but honest and not someone to do business with.

While on the subject, let's talk about TV advertisements. Every night I'm barraged with dozens of ads for cars, lawsuits, investments and drugs I'll never buy. Here's a little experiment you might want to try. Every time one of these come on ask yourself which one you'd spend one nickel on. It makes no sense plastering TV screens up every 10 minutes with these car ads. There's no way I'm interested until I actually need one no matter many times they nag me. Nor am I going to take drugs for afflictions I don't have. And no I'm not going to join some ambulance chaser's lawsuit. Why these dopes are wasting their money I'll never understand.

What's With All The Rage?
Everyone's cranked up about everything. Whether it be customers in stores, politics, individual rights, other drivers or on social media few seem able to stifle it. Every one seems all hyped up these days. I'll never understand why when we have so many advantages today and modern conveniences unlike ever before.

I get around four or five a day. Of course with caller ID we ignore them but they don't seem to get the message. Some of these same users will call for weeks even though we never answered. Every robocaller hangs up on my answering machine. Hey if I need something I'll call you-- don't call me. These parasites, like those that spam my email, have a better chance winning the lottery then getting my business. Here's another bunch who waste their money and everyone's time. Something else I'll never understand.

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