Friday, November 11, 2016

Paul Ryan Planning On Replacing Medicare With Obamacare?

Sure Seems Like It To Me !
According to the Washington Post, "That would involve transforming Medicare from a largely single-payer federal program to a private model where seniors would receive federal subsidies to buy private insurance — similar to the subsidies available to younger Americans who can now buy insurance on the ACA-mandated state marketplaces."

For the first time in my life between Medicare (80%) and Medigap coverage I'm completely covered. Who's kidding who. Under a private insurance voucher system I'll be right back to square one. These vouchers beyond any doubts I may have will only cover a portion of the premiums. Instead of everyone being on the same page as we are now with Medicare there will be dozens of confusing plans that may not pay any where near the present 80%. Many of which could contain high deductibles causing Medigap insurance costs to surge beyond what many of us could afford. Some limiting our choices of doctors. All of these are what Republicans were complaining about with Obamacare.

So much for shaking up Washington

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