Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 18th Kraft-Heinz Leaves Lehigh Valley

"The local plant at the time of the announcement employed about 400 people. A notice filed with the state this past June indicated 341 employees at the plant would lose their jobs effective July 31. The closures of all seven North American plants were expected to affect 2,600 employees."

My Comments About The Article Above
This is personal to me. I worked there for 33 years before retiring in 2006. At one time we had nearly 1,000 employees. I been through good times and bad times. During all that time it was one of the highest payers in the Lehigh Valley. Shame it ends this way.

Employees didn't pressure them since we chose not to allow union representation while still maintaining one of the most productive plants. At least that's what we were told over the years with numerous PowerPoint presentations. It also was in a key location. I think this is more a matter of cashing out on the value of property since Kraft could no longer write it off for tax purposes. Most companies would rather lease and move every five years or so as to avoid long term employee costs while still being able to write off these lease costs. Therefore I believe employees played no part in the decision.

Some of the negative feelings I Have
     (1) They constantly played us against other plants if we didn't beat them.
     (2) Although Kraft paid well, they got their pound of flesh.
     (3) Even when we out performed other plants some of our lines were still taken away.
     (4) They didn't request OT. They required it
     (5) My general feelings-- Our loyalty was greater then theirs.

Overall my feelings about it's closing--
This move isn't in the best interest for the Lehigh Valley, employees nor Kraft itself. But hey, it is what it is.

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