Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My After 2016 Election Thoughts

With Victory Comes Responsibility
For the last seven out of eight years Republicans controlled congress while Democrat Obama remained president.

All of this has now changed with Republicans controlling both congress and the oval office in 2017.

Whatever change happens (good or bad) to the economy, healthcare, environment, education and all the other hot button issues Republicans will now bear responsibility for them. In 2017 no longer can congress, under the threat of a veto from a sitting Democrat in the oval office blame him for standing in their way For at least the next two years they've been given the opportunity to show their stuff Either they've been right all along or have not.

In short, they won't have Obama to kick around anymore. Hence giving them almost a clear shot in getting those things accomplished they always said they wanted. Let's see how well Republicans do now that the ball is in their court.

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