Saturday, November 12, 2016

I Just Bought A Bunch OF LED Bulbs

In 2011 I bought three LED bulbs for my front porch. They each cost me $15. My how the cost come down. I just bought a bunch of LED bulbs which cost me around $2.50 each delivered to my door.

These lights are equivalent to 60 watts yet consume just 8 watts. The 100 watt equivalent LED's burn just 11 watts. I used them to replace my curly fluorescent bulbs which were consuming 13 watts and 23 watts which had less lumens. They are supposed to last about 10 years.

Another advantage: This house was built in 1927 so the strain on the electrical wiring is far less problematic. I also noticed they give off practically no heat which can make my fixture's wiring last longer. My security cameras seem to respond better too.

Just thought I'd pass this tip along if your planning to buy replacement bulbs in the future.

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