Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Follow Up On My Previous Post Next To This One

It's that holly jolly time of year again. Time to figure out how my wife will be least screwed next year by my former employer's healthcare plan.

As I was composing the previous post next to this one my wife received a letter....

Of course we didn't receive any such letter. No big surprise there.

Apparently I've been X'd out. It now becomes a struggle between my wife and what they will now offer her

In other words pick the least plan that sucks.

I do understand it shouldn't be my previous employer's responsibility to the day both of us die. BUT it once again exemplifies why we need a national healthcare system. I can't imagine how much more these array of confusing plans will cost. She already has to spend a $1,000 before the plan kicks in and another $3,000 before insurance supposedly pays 100%. A plan where I paid over $2,300 for this year (2016). In other words $6,300 out of pocket for her alone !

I surmise these future offerings will exceed those amounts.

What A Country !

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