Saturday, November 5, 2016

Disney On Broadway (7 Videos)

While perusing around the internet, as I'm prone to do, I came across several videos each for "The Lion King" & "Aladdin". Both which are still running on Broadway. "Aladdin" since 2014 and "The Lion King" Since 1997.

We had the opportunity to see "The Lion King" at the New Amsterdam Theatre in 2001 shortly after Disney spent tens millions of dollars restoring it. Built in 1903 It was home to "Ziegfeld Follies" in 1937. Over the years it fell into colossal disrepair. Thank goodness Mike Eisner (Disney's chairman at the time) had the vision to see what it could become. As we sat before the show we were in awe of the magnificence of this theatre.

In 2006 "The Lion King" was moved to the Minskoff Theatre where it continues to this day. Performances of "Aladdin" now take place at "The New Amsterdam Theater in it's stead.

I'm posting seven videos which are not only examples of two excellent musicals but also how they have taken a life of their own for the casts. It appears for them it goes well beyond just performing them on stage. Seems to me these two musicals are not just a job but has become a part of their lives both on and off stage.

Here's James Monroe Iglehart performing scene 2 at the 2014 Tonys

Another clip of him singing "Prince Ali"

Highlights From "The Lion King"
Starting off with Tsidii Le Loka and the chorus ensemble

Sing-off! 'The Lion King' vs 'Aladdin' on Good Morning America (01/08/2016)

"After a 6 hour delay, casts of THE LION KING and ALADDIN have a sing off at a airport. (2015)

"Lion King" Cast Takes Over NYC Subway (06/08/2014)

"Friend Like Me" Remix by James Monroe Iglehart

Between these two Disney presented "Mary Poppins" which ended it's run in 2013.

Several past Disney productions were "Beauty And The Beast" (2007), "Tarzan" (2006), "The Little Mermaid" (2007), "Sister Act (2011) and "Newsies" (2014).

Next up Disney is planning to bring "Frozen" to the musical stage in the spring of 2018.

Bonus Video
"Proud of Your Boy" (ALADDIN on Broadway- Adam Jacobs and Alan Menken)

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