Saturday, November 12, 2016

Democrats Deserved To Lose Here's Why

I've made it no secret I was a Bernie Sanders supporter. Before the campaign even began the DNC was in the bag for Hillary. They did everything in their power to make sure his supporters couldn't gain a foothold. Here's what they got instead. * A woman who was less active on the campaign trail.
* Someone who avoided the press while Bernie did the opposite.
* Low energy-- Bernie publicly exhibited more stamina
* Hillary attempted to dodge the big money speeches she made. Bernie on the other hand did none.
* Several issues dogged Hillary her the entire campaign whereas no dirt could be found on Bernie.
They say you gotta dance with the one that brung ya. Well the DNC brought Hillary and look where it got them. There's no telling whether Bernie could have won but there's one thing for sure. Donald Trump tapped into the very frustrations and anger that Bernie's campaign championed.

There were three things going against Bernie besides the Democratic party. (1) Every time the press wrote about him they prefixed him with the label of socialist. (2) The big money was riding on either Hillary or Trump being elected. (3) The cool factor. Bernie didn't have the TV and Hollywood star power these two had going for them.

The American voters were played by both candidates who ended up after the primaries. Hillary promising a continuation of the status quo left voters the only other option, Donald Trump who wrote checks he can't cash. In this election had the DNC not stacked the deck perhaps we could have had a real choice for the changes voters hungered for.

There was fear Bernie Sanders might be too extreme a liberal. Now the opposite. Donald might be too right wing for many peoples taste.

Here's What I Think
In the end Trump is going to end up doing pretty much the same as what Hillary might have done.

Bernie Sanders is no stranger to politics. From his past experience in the Senate he knew he would have been traveling a tough road uphill. I suspect he knew only a few of his ideas would come to pass making him more a realist then the other two.

At the end of the day what voters were left with was a woman promising little in the way of change who had more baggage then an airport could handle or someone who promised more changes then Aladdin and his magic lamp could provide.

Call it karma or pay back is a bitch, but the DNC got exactly what it deserved. Say what you will but because the RNC stayed out of messing with it's 17 candidates they've won the brass ring. As bad or good as their candidate may be they left it up to the will of the people. A lesson the DNC needs to learn.

While I fully accept the outcome of Trump being our next president I still can't help wonder what might have been had not the DNC screwed things up.

Bernie Sanders On Donald Trump Winning Election

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