Wednesday, November 23, 2016

After 2016 Elections- U.S. Hasn't Swung To The Right

At the present time (11/23/2016) although Hillary Clinton lost in the electoral counts she has about 2 million more individual voters' support then Donald Trump. While Republicans still retain control of congress Democrats picked up 6 seats in the House and 2 in the Senate.

To hear the way media and a bunch of others speak you'd thing the America voters made a major shift to the right. It simply isn't so. If it weren't for gerrymandering these congressional seats may not be as widely split as they appear either.

Taking into account the individual votes along with 8 more Democrats elected to congress-- conservatives haven't been given a mandate. Statistically speaking (and for all practical proposes) this country is almost evenly split between either party's ideologies. As such a tenuous situation exist..

While it may be true "to the victor goes the spoils"-- by appointing top leaders who may be tempted to run roughshod over the other half of the American peoples' who beliefs differ is not going to turn out well for anyone.

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