Monday, November 14, 2016

2016 Election Over Everybody Take A Chill Pill

According to the latest figures even though there still remains 7 million votes to be counted not all of them will go towards Clinton. That being said Hillary currently received almost 6 million less then Obama in 2012. At present Trump has 60,250,241. Even though Hillary has more popular votes, had the same 6 million turned out for her Trump would have been history

So Who's Fault Is That?
Not the electoral college nor the people who voted for Trump. This lies squarely on the backs of American voters and Hillary herself for not being able to drum the kind of support Obama did in 2012.

Time To Move On
Curb your outrage. Get on with your life. It's time to accept Trump as our next President. Save your anger and protests for the many political battles which lay ahead. I'm sure there will be many. Stomping around the streets whining over spilt milk will diminish the importance of future protests. People will grow tired and start to ignore them if they become an everyday occurrence. These current demonstrations over the outcome of the 2016 elections make you all look like a bunch of babies when things didn't go your way. Apparently your candidate had 6 million less voters' support this go round. This is why things turned out the way they did. Get over it.

Trump's Not The Larger Issue
Electors also voted in favor of keeping both sides of congress under Republican control. As such voters have given Donald Trump and his campaign promises further sway. Republicans have always stood for certain key issues. Such as privatization of Medicare, entitlement cuts and defunding a large segment of social need programs over favor of the budget for defense.

If these protestors don't like Trump being elected they will have far more to protest about in the coming days. I don't know how much time they have on their hands but they will need plenty more then this worrying about Trump being elected. I imagine they will be joined by more then a few former Trump supporters as well if things don't go the way they expected either.

As Always I Have A Video In Mind For This

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