Friday, October 21, 2016

Will MLB Uniforms Be Made Overseas?

Under Armour, Majestic deal could shift MLB uniform manufacturing overseas
By Jon Harris •Contact Reporter | The Morning Call
"In 2015, the publicly held Under Armour's products were made by 44 primary manufacturers, operating in 16 countries, according to the publicly traded company's annual report. In addition, approximately 63 percent of its products last year were manufactured in China, Jordan, Vietnam and Indonesia, the report states.... An MLB spokesperson did not respond to a question regarding whether the league requires the on-field uniforms to be made in the United States. "

My Comments About The Article Above
Although it's not been officially announced at this time this is not something I like to hear. If they do pull something off like this it would be totally disgusting.

Every dime they make comes from American fans and TV networks. Even their stadiums are built on the backs of taxpayers in the United States.

If players are no longer wearing American made uniforms (in what's considered the most American sport we have) in my eyes this would be slap in the face. Baseball fans should react accordingly by not showing up.

Don't be surprised if bats, footballs and all the other equipment ends up being made overseas one day either. Even teams themselves could come under foreign ownership. But I'll assume as long as they get a good seat fans could care less.

Unfortunately nobody sticks together anymore. Nearly every single citizen pisses and moans about trade deals but when it comes to what they can do to help support U.S. manufacturing suddenly everyone goes MIA. It just seems to be who we are.

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