Sunday, October 2, 2016

This Blogger Not Just A One Trick Pony

Over the last several days I've posted a bunch of political stuff. In between I've paid attention to a bunch of other stuff which drew my interests.

I few weeks ago the family went on vacation to Ocean City, New Jersey.

Even though it's now into October on weekends a bunch still visit.

I've been checking out the live webcam feeds along the Jersey shore. While Ocean City still seems to remain quite active among tourists Wildwood, New Jersey not so much.

Another area of interest I have from time to time is in regards to near death experiences. Here's one of the more interesting ones I've read entitled Sixty years in heaven, thirty minutes earth time-- "... something else that might be hard to comprehend is that there is no such thing as time! Your life is happening all at once, meaning your past/ present/ future are all one bubble. It's our brain (filter) that makes this so-called time linear."

Before anyone is too quick to dismiss the idea there is a article entitled Quantum Experiment Shows How “Time” Doesn’t Exist As We Think It Does. And another entitled There is No Such Thing as Time - Never Was and Never Will Be: Time does not actually exist and Quantum Theory proves it.. Here's video concerning this...

Of course there's always my favorite YouTube music video playlists I'm constantly updating.

I'm also following Muhlenberg College's football season since the star quarterback and a few of his teammates are living next door. They're having a good season.

There's simply too many things that interest me to endlessly get bogged down with this political nonsense. Of course you wouldn't know it judging by my last few posts. To be quite frank, for the time being, politics has exhausted my focus on the importance of them. That's why I decided to post this to let everyone know you can't assume what I'll post about next.

There's simply too many other things worth paying attention to I'd like to get into. Hopefully you will stay tuned and come back to visit and see what they will be. Thanks.

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