Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Think About Getting A Flu Shot

It's that time of year again. Today I went to the CVS pharmacy for two shots. One for the flu. The other for pneumonia.

The CDC recommends flu shots not be given before October so they'll hopefully last the entire season. Neither which cost me under Medicare coverage.

When I called my doctor's office they told me they wouldn't do the one for pneumonia and prefer I do them both at the pharmacy. Now I know why. These vaccines are a bit more complicated when it comes to getting the right one.

Prevnar 13 is the one given to me today because I never had a shot for pneumonia before. After one year there's another called PPSV23 which covers a wider variety of pneumonias. Next year after that one is administered the CDC says it will last for five years.

Different strengths of flu shots vary with age. Higher doses of Fluzone is recommended for those over 65.

Hence not all doctors or public freebies may offer what's best recommended for certain age groups, individuals with other health conditions or those under 65 because of the various costs involved in the stocking each.

I'd highly recommend people get them at a pharmacy. Not only because of the lower cost outside of a doctor's office, but pharmacies can provide the exact one you need.

Either that or you can skip them and see how it goes for ya dollar wise depending whether or not ending up in a hospital.

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