Friday, October 7, 2016

Sometimes This Crazy World Exhausts Me

Maybe I read too much but really!

Some crazy ass off duty Bethlehem cop is accused of masturbating two different times in his car.

The many blogs and stories I'm reading about Allentown's NIZ reminds me of the empty cities China built. If it were not for the arena I doubt this downtown area would be different. The latest word being bantered around is how the $1,800 a month apartments (w/o parking, yards or nearby jobs) will bring another 2,000 to Allentown. Are you kidding me? I thought the NIZ funding was supposed to make rentals affordable. Hell for $1,800 a month you could find any apartment anywhere w/o taxpayers' supplemental funding for them. What's with that?

For over a week we're being hyped up about some damn hurricane called 'Matt' that will never get close to Pennsylvania. Even crazier the highest sustained winds I can find along Florida's coasts are less then 46 mph at of the time of this post (10/07/2016 3:00 PM). Ya gotta be kidding me. Who the hell cares if the hurricane's winds are 115 mph 40 miles out at sea. No wonder people don't listen to warnings. How many times can they cry wolf before we take anything they say serious?

There's been three stories over the last three days about parents who died from heroin overdoses who had kids. Another video of guys laughing at two on a sidewalk in Tennessee. Last week Ohio police released a photo of both parents passed out in a SUV with their kid in a car seat in back. I'm beginning to get hardassed about this. Maybe these kids might be better off without them. It isn't like anyone with an ounce of common sense doesn't realize what drugs can do, but made the choice to do them anyway. Maybe this just might be nature's way of eliminating the dumbest who walk among us. As harsh as that may sound my patience and understanding over these many years has grown thin.

Here's the format of every TV newscast. Maybe one breaking story if there is one. Pending that. (1) The weather. (2) Politics. (3) Advertisements. (4) One or two who cares national news stories (five minutes tops). (5) Prescription drug ads. (5) One or two minutes of BS news nobody cares about many already read (6) More drug ads. (7) Promo for their own network crap airing later. (8) Even more drug ads. (9) A puff piece on human interest or funny clip wrapping up the newscast. Never ever showing Syria or other stark photos of human suffering because it turns people off. On a local level 3 segments on the weather per half hour and at least twice reporting traffic conditions. Forget about what's really going on.

Bullets are flying everywhere. A kid got shot. Some kid shot somebody. A cop got shot. A cop shot somebody. A mother, brother, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, wife, husband, driver, some homeowner or intruder. Yeah just the recipe we need, more guns.

Then there's all these electronic devices. Some explode causing fires. Others causing car and pedestrian accidents. Self driving cars and others devices which are supposed to prevent plane and train wrecks. I don't know when humans lost the ability to control these man made machines for themselves.

Neither do I understand how a human population explosion could have occurred with the baby boomers when they didn't have access to these latest hookup apps. Lord knows how they did their wash, dishes, found their way around before GPS or how to contact their friends either

You'd think by watching TV and reading all the media resources our entire lives all depended on politicians for our daily existence. They and other self important people who seem to think without them doing our thinking for us our lives would end because we're incapable of managing for ourselves.

Yeah I suppose I do watch and read too much,
but these are my observations

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