Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Social Security Retirees Screwed Again In 2017

"That amounts to an increase of just 0.3% -- the smallest ever put in place to help cover higher prices. That's still an improvement from this year, when the lack of inflation kept benefits from increasing at all."

My Comments About The Article Above
Here we go again. Face it no one on SS will ever see increased SS income ever again. Not at the top levels nor the bottom. The reason is even if retirees now get this crummy .3% increase it's wash because of Medicare payment increases.

Forbes goes into great detail explaining how the "hold harmless provision helps, but the bottom line is...

The government's major explanation as to why is gasoline prices came down. Never mind seniors aren't commuting everyday to work. Few are blowing around in gas guzzling RV's in their golden years either. The real fact is most seniors' expenses goes towards eye glasses, dental care, hearing aides (which aren't covered), for medicines and other medical costs.

I wish to remind everyone someday we all will find ourselves in this very same place if fate is kind. I doubt few will be able to save a half or a million dollars cause that's what it'll take. I hope people like the woman in the video are not counting on their kids to write checks. Her offspring will have their own problems paying rent/mortgages, raising kids and paying off sudent loans. About all I can say if she and others don't give a hoot about their elders, neither will their kids. What goes around comes around. How awful!

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  1. Her attitude will change when those boobs start sagging down to her navel.


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