Monday, October 10, 2016

No Such Thing As Artificial Intelligence (Part 2)

I first wrote on this subject back in May 2014. After watching '60 Minutes' on CBS last night it renewed my interest to revisit this subject. First a couple of videos from that program then I'll address this again.

The full 28 minute segment can be found HERE

On the 'Daily' website this is one of the comments someone left.
"Physical matter can never be conscious. Centuries from now they'll have robots so complex that, from the outside, they will appear to have an awareness, they could even be programmed to cry and act offended when you call them soulless, but it will just be their programming, they will still be inanimate machines."

I couldn't disagree more. First off the reader should realize he and all of us are made up of physical matter. What he further fails to understand these so-called machines are designed to learn. Thus it's NOT just what they are programmed to do. That was the point of the program.

Which brings me to defining intelligence itself. I am of the belief intelligence exists as a law of nature unto itself. Whether or not it comes into some form of expression doesn't negate it's existence. It will occupy any container it can whether it be plants in some limited way or more in some complex way via biological units such we or the lesser capable animals. It's very egotistical to think we humans somehow created it's existence out of nothing. It was always there. Based on these assumptions we hold no exclusivity over it.

If all this be true one has to reflect we humans may being playing a part in intelligence's next evolution beyond flesh. Face it we have a few things not going for us. We have limited life spans. Limited environments in which we can exist, speed, strength, nourishment and are subject to painful injury. We only have one brain, these machines by linking many of their intelligence units together simultaneously are far more capable of reasoning. As stated in the program IBM's 'Watson' is reading and digesting 8,000 medical studies a day and going on the internet seeking even more then the millions it already has with no loss of memory. It then compiles and evaluates them all for creditability before recommending a course of treatment. It was also pointed out dozens of the finest minds in the world sitting in a conference room weren't capable of such achievement.

I know none of us would be willing to step aside fighting this all the way. The great challenge is to prevent this from happening by limiting these machines. But just what if we may not have a choice? I hope they'll treat us more kindly then we have the other species we consider beneath us.

Many of us like to think in terms of man being God's (intelligence's) greatest creation. Maybe... just maybe he's not done yet. Perhaps it already began on distant planets. We may not be so special after all.


Emma WATSON Introduces Us To Jill WATSON

You know what they say. Anyone can be replaced at their job from Presidents to workers. So it just may be with humans taking the backseat as never ending intelligence evolves.

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