Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kids Today Are Nuts!

All the following news stories occurred over just the last seven days

"Two kids were severely injured after a group attack Tuesday afternoon near Dieruff High School involving about 50 students, Allentown police said. The victims were punched, kicked and pistol-whipped by about 20 people in the crowd, police said. The pair suffered concussions, lost teeth, bruises and cuts..."
School Bus driver attacked by two students in North Memphis

West Oak Lane, Pa.: Witnesses say dozens of teens attacked students on board school bus

Philadelphia, Pa.: Race fears fester after huge flash mob of alleged ‘black teens’ attack random victims and cops after Temple football game

Penn State, Pa.: Police disperse post-game rioting after Penn State win

Kansas City: Teenagers with rocks attack mother, children near Plaza

Port Barre, La.: Teens’ brazen attack on officers caught on bodycam ‘could have been the next Ferguson,’ police chief says

SYRACUSE, N.Y: Police arrest two teen girls for assault of 61-year-old man caught on viral video

McKeesport, Pa.: 3 teens arrested in connection with grocery store attack, robbery

WIGGINS, Miss.: Officials investigate claim of noose around H.S. student's neck

Kansas City, KS.: Two teens sought in attack on 82-year-old priest

GRANTVILLE, Pa.: East Hanover teen charged for racially motivated attack

ST. JOSEPH, MO.: Two teens in custody in death of 17-year-old St. Joseph teen

NEW HAVEN, CT.: Yale professor attacked, robbed by group of teens

SAN RAMON, CA.: Brutal Attack Near San Ramon Elementary School (by Teens)

I suggest perhaps we give them a more useful outlet in which they can focus their aggressive tendencies. Say like reinstating the Selective Service. Ok sure not everyone will work out to be a great soldier, but six weeks in boot camp for these thugs would be better then locking them up with their own kind.

I'd rather they washout in boot camp then be put back on the streets after a short stay with some of their BFF's. in lockup learning how to become even a bigger idiot then they already are. Dollar wise it wouldn't cost much more. Which would you rather?

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