Monday, October 17, 2016

Four Quick Comments

RT reports. "The UK bank servicing RT has given notice that it will close the broadcaster’s accounts, without explanation. The UK government has denied any involvement in the bank's decision. RT’s assets were not frozen and can still be withdrawn from the accounts."
COMMENT: Why aren't they using banks in Russia?

The BBC reports, Julian Assange's internet access was cut.
COMMENT: About time. Why is the Ecuador embassy allowing this to be used as his headquarters? The original mission of WikiLeaks was to expose world corruption. Instead for the last year it became nothing more then propaganda machine much like Tokyo Rose and Radio Pravda once used against Western governments. Let Assange rot there staring at the four walls. Who cares.

A local GOP headquarters was fire bombed in N. Carolina.
COMMENT: The Trumpster immediately tweeted it was Clinton's "animal" supporters who did it. Although it's too early to tell did he ever think it might be one of his own supporters? After all wasn't it he who accused his own party of turning against him which might have inflamed one of his kooky followers. Too soon to tell, but assume nothing till the perps are caught.

Tobacco Bad. Dope Good
I went online to order pipe tobacco like I've always done. It seems suppliers aren't allowed to ship into Pennsylvania. Yes I've paid the taxes and shipping all fair square and legal. Now it seems it isn't. OK smoking sucks and is a bad habit but... the president over the weekend made it legal now to bring back as many cigars as you like from Cuba. There's an ever increasing number of states that think smoking pot is A-OK. I'm a bit more then outraged at the hypocrisy. Screw the traditional American tobacco farmer. We're talking about the big buck$ here.

Long ago I didn't like smoking marijuana. Not only because I didn't like it's effects but the smoke gagged the hell out of me. How we got to the point where weed is accepted and smoking cigars is OK dumbfounds me. The way I take it, as long as a doctor prescribes expensive weed or questionable drugs everything is fine because there's lot's of money in it for everyone

Tobacco on the other hand has become out of favor as if far worse then being tanked up on alcohol. Wine sales on the internet and selling beer in stores is now looked upon as favorable. Many of the same stores that discontinued cigarette sales on their premises now promote alcohol instead. Yeah like they care. This is about the almighty dollar. Not people's health.

I've said this many times. I will repeat this once again. Which would you rather? A pilot of a plane having five cigarettes before he crawled into the cockpit or one who had five drinks? Same goes with anyone driving a cab or operating a train. Ok sure tobacco is not a good thing, but compared to alcohol, prescription drugs or marijuana use why is tobacco coming under more fire then these other three?

I'll tell you why...
It's all about the big buck$

The dirty secret is the medical costs for prescription drugs, pot smoking and alcohol use far outweigh what we've been told tobacco users costs us in both dollars and lives..

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