Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Allentown Mayor Flexes His Muscles.. Again

What the mayor wants, the mayor gets.

"Council members learned Monday of Pawlowski's latest salvo when officials inside City Hall reported that Walker, who council rejected 5-2 Thursday, was leading a staff meeting. City spokesman Mike Moore confirmed Tuesday that Walker has been hired...."

My Comments About The Article Above
Yes it's legal. The mayor can do it. The problem I have is the mayor disrespecting council. At the council meeting he was overly aggressive towards those who dared defy him. It's obvious that his attitude towards council is as if they are nothing more then a speed bump in the road. He reminds me of a child who always had his way then becomes defiant and mean the first time he doesn't.

What remains in question is council's ability to cut off someone's salary. After looking through the charter it appears council does have the right to set salaries by ordinance for department heads. However there's nothing specifically stating they can eliminate salaries whether it be a director or those beneath such positions. Nor have the power to eliminate such director positions established by city charter.

In case someone gets the bright idea council could appoint a director who could then fire this guy, only the mayor can hire and fire directors. Council doesn't have to approve them, but they can't appoint directors. Only the mayor can do that.

Something else to consider is the city budget procedure itself. If council fails to agree or approve the mayor's budget w/o his agreeing to changes charter dictates it goes into effect in January. Therefore if council attempts to manipulate the budget in some way or another trying to eliminate this guy the mayor's pretty much going to get his way.

After all that we've been through I think it's long overdue we take another look into the city charter giving council more power. The reason I feel this way: (1) Every meeting it's council who gets all the crap from citizens complaining about things they have little or no control over. (2) The mayor (who calls most all the shots) is not required to be in attendance even though he's most responsible for what citizens complain about. (3) I'd rather have seven members input and in agreement then just one guy who has all the say. It certainly would be harder for influence peddlers to sway 8 minds over one. That just of the mayor's.

I'm not sure how all this will play out, but one thing's for sure... payback is a bitch. No good can come from this bickering. I cannot help but think council won't hold animosity towards the mayor after this. It's not good government nor for the people of Allentown. This needs to change. Failure to change the charter on how the city conducts itself can only lead to more distrust not only from the people but those involved in higher levels of oversight such as the FBI.

The founders of this nation understood government powers need to be spread around. Left in too few hands leads to the results of which we may be experiencing here in Allentown. This is why I think it's vital that we take a second look at the city charter to see what's worked well for us and that which has not.

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