Friday, October 14, 2016

Allentown Council's Honeymoon With The Mayor Is Over

Last night (10/13/2016) Allentown council met to either confirm or deny the mayor's four appointees. They accepted two. One withdrew and the fourth was rejected. However this wasn't the big news.

For the first time in a very long time council left their rubber stamps at home choosing instead to challenge the mayor. Needless to say the mayor didn't take too kindly to it.

At one point the mayor took a swipe at councilman Julio Guridy's supposedly $90,000 salary for his position on the Joint Toll Bridge Commission after he dared to confront the mayor (55:40 into the following video). Maybe the mayor's jealous he was passed over by state honchos, who knows.

In my opinion the former police chief, who now sits on council, wasn't too thrilled either since his salary was far lower and the mayor kept putting him off when he held the position. Worth noting-- The very next chief the mayor appointed came from out of town. Council at that time approved the mayor's recommendation for over a $20,000 salary increase. Yet he lasted little more then a year when both him and his son took the city to court. In essence my impression is the council member was trying to make the point more money didn't work out too well the last time council took the mayor's recommendations. Although the councilman fully supports and voted in favor of the mayor's appointment feeling he was very well qualified, he still had issues giving someone more money before council has a chance to look over the mayor's budget proposal for next year

Seems to me the overall theme of the meeting was questioning of the mayor wanting council to buy a pig in a poke. That is to say approve a bunch of salary increases weeks before the mayor presents his budget to council. Council wasn't having it this year. It appears to me this was the major bone of contention which raised the ire in the room. That and having to sit through another one of the mayor's Powerpoint presentations.

Video Of The Oct. 13, 2016 Meeting

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