Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Few Things On My Mind Today

Should police ride white stallions or black ones?
At this point I suggest they ride Zebras so no one will be offended.

Out of the last twenty or so posts I've done 40x's the amount of usual traffic was on the one I did on MLB uniforms possibly being manufactured overseas. It was picked up on Facebook and on other social media sites. Apparently deep thinkers aren't my forte when it comes to this blog.

Although I have a heavy volume of readers thank God this isn't a problem for me. I've thoroughly scrutinized comments left on many other sites both locally and those in mainstream media. Nearly 90% are critical of the authors or others who leave comments, I feel the only value comments should offer are those which further contribute to the subject or offer a reasonable argument to what was presented. Most comment sections have become chat rooms where one-upmanship seems to be the name of the game. I like to think many of my visitors understand this percept. Those who aren't so understanding is why their comments never appear here.

We just had a birthday party at my daughter's house. She focused on her three year old twins and their party guests. She invited a sing and sign teacher to entertain the kids and they loved it. Amongst the attendees were the parents who are fellow nurses, doctors, surgeons and others she works with at the hospital. To me they look like kids themselves. One little fellow who attended is now our great grand son named Chase.

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