Thursday, September 1, 2016

UGI Natural Gas To Increase

UGI gets OK on a second rate hike
Anthony Salamone | The Morning Call
"The combined increases will mean a UGI customer's monthly bill will rise by nearly 17 percent"

My Comments About The Article Above
Don't get me wrong I appreciate the price I paid for gas itself has gone down over the last four quarters. I also understand UGI hasn't asked for a raise in it's distribution rates for nearly 20 years, but 17% in one shot.. HOLY HELL.. they sure made up for lost time!

For us on Social Security it means all the world. Next year's SS increase won't even cover my increased medical insurance costs let alone any of these ever increasing other expenses. There's only so much blood you can squeeze from a rock. Other then disconnecting my access to the internet, turning off my heat, disconnecting the TV cable and living in the dark there's nothing left to cut.

We've already drastically cut down on Christmas & birthday presents and put off repairs. I'm sure we're not the only ones.

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