Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tolls, Parking, Public Transportation- No Brainer

Why are people forced to put cash into MTA kiosks in NYC for a pass to ride subways?
Why not simply swipe a credit card for them as well as a bus ride here in the Lehigh Valley too?
Why not eliminate all the other stuff making it unnecessarily complicated for every place we visit for parking meters/decks, toll roads, etc.?

It seems government makes things much more complicated then things need to be. Maybe perhaps because there're in cahoots with businesses enabling each to profit from fees off these services. Think about this for a minute.

eZpass requires a minim balance. So too subways, bus and train fares require advance deposits for commuters. If these things only required a swipe of a credit card it would be a pay-as-you-go thing. In addition knowing (for security's sake) it wouldn't be linked into each of these many individual services to one's checking account people wouldn't be tying up funds for something they may not use for weeks, months or maybe never with the related security risks involved.

Simply put, a credit card would eliminate the requirement for access to checking accounts, smart phones and make all these services easily accessible to nearly everyone who has one or more credit cards already in their wallets plus the overhead costs involved. One card would work everywhere travelers go for everything. Why not?

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