Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Teens Shot Out $100,000 Worth Of Car Windows

Teens take out 200 windows in BB gun shooting spree
Manuel Gamiz Jr. | The Morning Call
"Allentown police took 175 vandalism reports, Whitehall received 13 and Salisbury Township had 14"

My Comments About The Article Above
I'm a big believer in you broke it. You pay for it. I don't think car insurances should eat the costs nor car owners premiums be increased because of them. Neither should taxpayers eat the related costs for these police reports and the judicial process.

I'm sure it won't happen, but I truly wish each of these knuckleheads would be forced to pay back every nickel and dime for both the damages, associated police, judicial costs and for any of the inconveniences suffered by these car owners. If I were king I'd make sure every dollar they ever earned would be forfeited towards paying all of this back. I'd also make sure they wouldn't be eligible for any federal, state or local benefit until they did no matter how long it takes. Instead they'll be most likely end up in the penal system costing us even more.

All too often these incarcerations end up filling our jails repeatedly costing society (sometimes for lockups lining private investors pockets) and do little to end this never ending cycle. We need to start holding these kind of jerks financially responsible for their deeds. Lock em up, charge them room & board and send them out on work details till they pay their debts. The more they work at fair wages the sooner they can get out.

Those that still refuse, release them after a certain period if they're not a danger. Of course there will always be those too hardcore to be allowed back in society. On the other hand all too many in our current prison system are drug users, low level threats and jerks like these three kids The penal system should place emphasis on rehabilitation and compensation for their victims. Locking people up in cages doesn't get us where we need to go. Jails should be used as only a last resort for humans who behave like animals posing a danger to others if they weren't caged.

In my opinion we far too many times chose punishment as a means of retribution rather then an opportunity to offer a way for some people to turn their lives around when even they themselves realize they've gone too far. It's a tough call, but not everyone in jail belongs there. Some actually do want to turn their life around. We shouldn't lose sight of that.

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