Thursday, September 8, 2016

Some Of Our Favorite TV Shows Went Poof

Each week I compile a list of shows we want to watch. In a few weeks new and returning shows will begin airing. Looking over my list the following won't be coming back. Downton Abbey
Mr. Selfridge
The Good Wife
The Mentalist
Rizzoli & Isles
King & Maxwell
Person Of Interest
Mysteries of Laura
Back In The Game
Franklin & Bash
White Collar
Fairly Legal
Common Law
In Plain Sight
By nature I hate change. I know we liked these but not sure which of the new ones are going to be worth watching. You almost dread becoming attached to any of these new ones realizing another whole batch of these will be cancelled no matter how fond you grow of them after only a few episodes.

Syfy has become the slasher channel for tweens. History channel has become home to pickers, pawn stars and a couple of goofy alien programs that ask more questions then it answers. About all USA airs is reruns and WWE. It seems the majority of cable channels owned by the major networks don't know what to do with them. Instead they park their old reruns and other shows which wouldn't even meet the standards for free channel access by local cable companies.

I'm still brooding over the loss of 'The West Wing', 'Boston Legal', 'Stargate' and several other extremely well written shows. Networks today don't want to invest the money for educated writers who not only entertain but are well versed in the background of scripts they create. Looking back over my list there was something which could be learned from them because there was some sort of background substance in them.

In other words any show which might cause people to think a little bit has been replaced by inexpensive so-called reality and competition shows.

The kind of programming that requires neither writing skills nor cause anyone to get a headache from having to think too much. << Putting it kindly

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