Sunday, September 25, 2016

Some Good News

The very nature of news is to expose only the negative things when they occur. Here's a few stories I found more of a positive nature over the last few days.

The Daily Mail:
They messed with the wrong pizza boy!
"Napoleon Harris III is formerly of the Minnesota Vikings and is a US senator. Staff at his Chicago pizza franchise were overworked so he delivered a pie, but the 'customers' were four robbers lurking at an unoccupied home. He fought off all four of them and then chased their car to a timber yard. They escaped, but the car was linked to the death of a Georgia man. Police now have four suspects, two of whom were charged with murder."
Mosque cooks breakfast for hundreds of Philly police
"Ozzy Khalil arrived at the Muslim American Society in North Philadelphia at 6 a.m. Sunday to start making breakfast. Khalil, 40, cooked scrambled eggs, French toast, turkey bacon and grits for almost 1,000 Philadephia police officers before they began their workday at the Puerto Rican Day Parade hosted by the 25th District - "so they could get something to eat before they go out on the streets.."

There's some positive stuff coming out of Charlotte, N.C. you may not have heard.

Charlotte activist hugs riot police (VIDEO)
"On the third night of demonstrations in Charlotte, N.C., one man attempted to diffuse tension between police and protesters with hugs.."

Warning: Cursing

Video Courtesy: The Free Hugs Project

VOA News
Charlotte Volunteers, Police Show Love for 'Queen City' Amid Protests
"Every night this week, unorganized individuals have taken it upon themselves to pick up those cases of water bottles and hand them out to protesters, to journalists and to each other... Captain Mike Campagna of the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department, the same department coming under fire over the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, approached individuals with first aid kits Friday night. “Are you in need of medical help?” he asked.

Though a midnight curfew was announced as the city of Charlotte was in a state of emergency since Thursday, police did not arrest protesters marching peacefully after midnight. “The curfew is a tool that we will use to keep the peace,” Major Gerald Smith of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said. "And right now we have a peaceful protest."... To express their appreciation for the officers, many protesters were handing them flowers throughout the night."

Not every political figure hates each others guts. (I wish so many rabid supporters didn't either).

The Daily Mail:
George W. Bush celebrates black tie family wedding in Texas hours after sharing hugs with Michelle Obama at DC museum opening
"Earlier Saturday in Washington D.C. George W. Bush went viral when he tried and failed to take a group selfie, and instead interrupted Obama to take the photo for him."

How quickly things can turn around when the victimizer becomes the victim. I am always well pleased when it doesn't go well for criminals. They shouldn't assume they are always the biggest meanest and scariest person on Earth. Many of them should consider another line of work that isn't so dangerous.

Atlanta woman opens fire on home invaders

I love it when criminals get their ass kicked!...

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