Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Meteorologists Cost Jersey Shore Big Time

No-show Hermine smacks Jersey Shore businesses with big financial hit
by Suzette Parmley and Amy Rosenberg | Philly.com
"..merchants were fuming that forecasts had scared away vacationers, ruining a usually lucrative Labor Day weekend. "They scared everyone away," said Cheryl Venezia of Annette's restaurant in Ventnor. "Even this morning, it's beautiful out, and they're still telling people to go home."

My Comments About The Article Above
Even though I don't always post about everything I come across the wife has to put up with my blowing around about some of the stuff I read. This was one of those times. Starting Thursday it started to tick me off how every last living breathing media from the nationals to the locals kept pumping up the story. Even Gov. Christie got into the act unnecessarily alarming tourists. It was around Thursday when it began to become apparent to me this storm wasn't going to mean squat to the Jersey shore after it started heading out miles to sea. Yet here they all were hyping up what should have been a non story.

One TV station even aired footage someone uploaded aboard a ship headed from New York to St. Thomas repeatedly for three nights. Let me tell ya something. On one of our cruises we encountered 24' waves. Yeah it was a bit rocky but no big deal. After a few hours it actually was amusing to see us all walking around like we were tipsy with the rolling of the ship.

I was really annoyed and started turning the channel every time these fools were parroting each and another's reports along the beach with it's splashing waves. Yeah that happens all the time when waves slap against the sea wall at the northern end of Cape May and the wall in North Wildwood by the Hereford Inlet. Not unusual at all.

One of the things I kept repeating was what the hell are they trying to do! This will cost merchants millions upon millions of dollars for no reason. And so it has. If there were true justice it would allow these merchants to sue the crap out of everyone to recoup the money these fools cost them. These shore businesses have only 4 months or so to make their money for the year. The largest two weekends are memorial and labor day.

All these media geniuses know that. Yet went full steam ahead without due temperance how it would impact the shore merchants economy. This along with hyping up the story in any way they could by placing reporters and using previous footage from the Carolinas which had nothing to do with what was happening in Jersey at the time. Even at the height of the threat on Friday most reporters stood in front of only slightly turbulent waters in well known locations where waters tend to splash about even on clear windy days in Jersey just so they could grab an audience. Hell the storm wasn't even considered a hurricane anymore by Saturday.

Ah but that didn't stop them from predicting it would become one again by Sunday. What happened instead along the Jersey shore, Sunday and Monday the sun was shining both days. No flooding. Little if any damage. This didn't mean it was safe to go in the water, but other then that it would have been an ideal Labor Day Weekend at the shore for tourists.

When there is an actual threat of a hurricane how many are going to believe them anymore?

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