Friday, September 2, 2016

Joe Paterno Outrage I Still Don't' Get It

"Following the announcement, social media lit up with criticisms of the decision. Celebrities and locals alike weighed in on Penn State’s commemoration, with many mocking both the school itself and Paterno’s legacy over the move. Others, meanwhile, were vehemently outraged, with one student even promising to leave the school should the commemoration happen."

My Comments About The Article Above
I've been down this road before and will try to be brief as possible by eliminating all the details how I arrived to my conclusions. It was reported to Joe. Joe then turned it into the university. This all boils down to what the university did or did not do after that. Could Joe have done more? Perhaps, but he sure didn't attempt to cover up Sandusky's behavior.

Two thirds of what Penn State is today both with it's football program and the campus itself is a result of Joe's accomplishments and personal donations. He was known for eliminating any player who's academics or behavior was less then the standards he set no matter how important the player. He sent more players to the NFL then lots of other coaches.

He could have left for the NFL where he could have received 10's the loot with none of the flack. Instead he gave his life to Penn State and this is how he's now rewarded. Think about it, how many NFL coaches get the blame for bad behavior from players and coaching staff. NONE!

Joe didn't sexually abuse anyone although listening to these haters you'd think he was the one who did. He never cheated on his family and led a clean life for himself. I truly believe these haters wouldn't be satisfied tearing down everything he ever helped build. That would include the library, stadium, other structures and the reputation of Penn State itself along with it's funding from football. This is all boils down to jealousy and hate period.

I'm not Penn State fan. Never seen a game in person nor on TV, but I know hatred and false accusations when I see them. This is another case of tribal like ignorance over facts. What a damn shame!

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  1. like you, i'm not a football fan, and am basically uniformed on the particulars. however, although he passed along one loud accusation, how many other times did he ignore the obvious? there are usually rumors about serial predators like sandusky. how many boys did he shower with over the years? i suspect that paterno didn't want to change anything, or anybody, about his winning team. he may be "joe" to you, to me he was just an enabler.


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