Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Flakka May Be Cause Of Bethlehem Murder

The 'Zombie Drug' At The Root of Bethlehem Killing
By Sarah Cassi | For
"Bethlehem police are warning the public about a synthetic drug at the center of a city killing. Flakka, also known as gravel, is a cheap, synthetic cathinone drug similar to bath salts. The chemical name is alpha-PVP... The most recent case to make national news was a Florida college student accused of killing a couple and then biting the dead man's face."

Cannibal attack: Flakka-fuelled ‘zombie’ frat boy eats Florida man's face

‘Devil’s Drug’: How Highly-Addictive Flakka Is Driving Florida Crazy | NBC Nightly News

Pastor Charles Dowell

My Comments About This
We're seeing an epidemic like never before from cheap street drugs like these as well the abuse of prescription medicines. This may become a greater problem facing us then from terrorists, illegal immigrants and all the political corruption combined. If this continues to grow the slow rot from within will be a greater threat to this nation then any of our foreign enemies could ever pose. What a damn shame if this country should wither because of our own undoing.

This country has won nearly every battle it fought except the war against the use of drugs. There is not a government nor police force powerful enough on this Earth to eradicate this plague so long as so many people are willing to pollute themselves. Take away the demand and these problems will disappear. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the direction we are headed.

Is it even possible to fix this plague throughout the world?

Study: War On Drugs Has Caused Global Health Crisis
The Death Toll From Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s War on Drugs Has Exceeded 2,400
Drug That Killed Prince Is Making Mexican Cartels Richer
UN: Global consensus on the war on drugs is crumbling
American taxpayers got a dismal return on their $4.3 billion investment in the Colombian drug war

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