Thursday, September 8, 2016

Drug Companies Now Sticking It To Naloxone

"A popular injectable version of the drug has gone from $0.92 a dose to more than $15 a dose over the last decade. An auto-injector version is up to more than $2,000 a dose.. On the market since 1971, naloxone works by blocking opioid drugs from interacting with the brain's receptors... "We're not talking about a limited commodity. Naloxone is a medicine that is almost as cheap as sterile sodium chloride — salt water," Dan Bigg, the executive director of the Chicago Recovery Alliance..."

My Comments About The Article Above
Let me see if I can put this in the most gentle way possible.

Congress and/or the FDA needs to get off their asses and put an end to this bullshit. How many people have to die before government leaders tell these lobbyists from the pharmaceutical industry go straight to hell ?

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