Friday, September 2, 2016

Cat Killer Get 3 Months to 1 Year

Judge: Nazareth cat killer's excuse is 'unbelievable'
By Rudy Miller | For
"The judge sentenced the Nazareth man to three months to a year for cruelty to animals, followed by an additional 90 days in prison for prohibited discharge of a firearm. He must serve three years of probation once his parole is complete."

My Comments About The Article Above
Yeah OK I love cats as much as anybody but lets put this in prospective. The cat sustained a instantaneous death. Although if he didn't want the cat there are far better alternatives then putting a bullet in the back of it's head, that's for sure.

Still I Don't See Any Of These Guys Going To Jail

If we're going to start locking people up I suppose the difference is these poor animals are for our sandwiches and meals. The cat was not. Now if this guy worked at a packing house he'd obviously be A-OK if cats were on the menu.

Strange how we look at things. Any who's ever been near a farm can tell you there's no nice way for an animal to die, no matter how humane.

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