Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bikers Allowed Back In Trexler Park Full Time

"Allentown City Council voted Wednesday to end a longtime restriction on the days that bicyclists can use the park.... City Council approved the measure 6-1, with council President Ray O'Connell casting the only no vote. Previously, cycling was permitted on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the park"

My Comments About The Article Above
Bikers can ride everywhere. City streets, every other city park or one of the millions of dollars spent for these hundreds of miles rails-to-trails. Walkers had one respite only four days a week. Now it's been taken away completely.

I can't tell you the number of times a biker yelled at the wife or me, "BIKE LANE" when she or I dared to get even near the marked lane for the spandex crowd. No way in hell the 10 mph speed limit is going to be enforced everyone knows that. Tell me how we're suppose to keep our 3 year old twin granddaughters in check. Are we supposed to put leashes on them like dog walkers who are now threatened as well?

This is so wrong !

The city's now talking about having dedicated parks just for dogs. Why not just one dedicated to the elderly, joggers and those too young to understand just unto themselves?

In NYC Central Park Cyclists Hit Pedestrians 35 Times in 2014. I'm sure we being called the "Little Apple' ought to be able to emulate a few of our own like the one which killed a 19 year old in this same park about this same time of year in 1989.



  1. Just because you and lil 3% are too old and frail to appreciate a hearty cycle ride doesn't mean you should block the rest of us from enjoying a green form of transit which strengthens the mind and body.
    I'm very happy to see millennial urbanistas embrace the "velo" despite the braying of pusillanimous putzes like you and the dour buttinsky.

    1. Spoken by someone who's selfish. You got 1,000's of other places to pedal. It's called respect of others in allowing at least one place where they and other youngsters can be free of being mowed down. Obviously something you're incapable of understanding.


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