Sunday, August 14, 2016

Where Your Dinner Comes From

Baby Chicks Ground Alive

My family eats nothing other then fake soy chicken nuggets & paddies from Wegmans and others. I swear nobody would know if they were being served their soy paddies ("Don't Have A Cow" meatless brand burgers) or beef crumbles either. People should at least give it a chance. Think of it this way.. what if aliens one day decided we where fit for their meals. Is this how we would wanted to be treated?

With all the vegan alternatives possible in today's world
why do people insist on turning their backs on this needless hell?

If people insist on eating meat the Department Of Agriculture should force CCTV's to be installed making this industry conform to practices that make this humane as possible.

Make no mistake about it. Anyone who eats meat is part of this. If anyone is truly disgusted they need to seek plant based alternatives. Otherwise they are a part of these animals sufferings just as well as those who supply these meats to American's dinner tables. Pretending otherwise is not only disingenuous but is in complete and utter denial unto oneself.

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