Monday, August 8, 2016

When TV Use To Be Great ! (Videos)

A time when we weren't so damned worried about being politically correct.
A time when TV was at it's best.
A time when people wouldn't be outraged as they would be today.

"The Dean Martin Show"

"Celebrity Roast"

Redd Foxx

Why is Jesus white? - Muhammad Ali

Archie Bunker Gay?

Pat Paulson on Social Security, Firearms & Other Issues

The very same issues we face today

Speaking Of Pat Paulson, here he is on Merv Griffin...

Can you only imagine if they tried to air this routine today !

Smothers Brothers and George Segal- Draft Dodger Rag

Face it.
We lost the ability to laugh at ourselves
In it's stead been replaced by intolerance and hatred

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