Thursday, August 25, 2016

Something Wrong In The Head With Software Designers

Ok so I wake up this morning and go on my 'Windows Live' email client and it gets all screwy with me. This is one of my accounts I used for years which errored out (AGAIN). After deleting it, setting it up by hand (for the second time in two weeks) it begins to download 589 messages to my inbox. WHAT THE HELL !

Turns out most of them were alerts from my various past purchases receipts and delivery notifications. Others bill due/paid notifications I never received as well as this blog's statistics from statcounter since May 2016. Here I thought it was the accounts I was dealing no longer sending them. So apparently all along 'Microsoft' had them stored on their servers which doesn't do me any good. It also explains why email from my Social Security account never arrived nor my Lehigh Valley Hospital and medical insurance claims informational updates.

This is ridiculous. Over the past few months I've spent about 1/3 of my time fixing internet website things as opposed to using them. No none of these problems with this computer are on my end. Every one are from various internet websites and their programmers screwing around. reported United Airlines Updates Login Protections. Check out the article. Now they joined the rest of the screwballs making it ever increasingly harder to use their websites.

One of the more interesting backed up emails was from Social Security responding to complaints about users being unable to login with the screwball changes they made back at the beginning of August and the procedure users could now take. They sent it out about a week ago. Gee it sure would have been nice to have gotten that one. None of these emails turned up in my junk mail nor in any other form. Apparently 'Microsoft; programmers (up until today 08/25/2016) decided on their own to block email they deemed not worthy of my consideration. Thanks a lot geniuses.

Over the past week Facebook once again made a bunch of changes. Today CNN updated their terms of service which pretty much makes anyone linking to them a copyright criminal. The Windows 10 Enterprise edition update screwed up many computers as did a recent Apple update. My embedded YouTube videos on this blog will no longer play full screen on the 'IE 11' browser either.

I don't know what kind of people they are hiring these days, but either they are on drugs or should be. Very few people have the time to spend on a PC computer I do to screw around with these things. Apparently they're more concerned with creating their own special mobile apps then traditional websites.

The reason why is apps don't offer a fraction of the privacy protection PC's do. Excuse me if I don't play along... it ain't gonna happen. Those mobile apps can circumvent nearly all the protections a PC can provide. Many of which would never be allowed on a regular PC.

Well I guess that explains that doesn't it?

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