Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Outdated Expressions Kids Don't Understand

"Playing backseat bingo at the drive-in."
"They hung him out to dry."
"Living The Life of Riley"
"Got more excuses then 'Carter' has pills.
"There's too much snow on our TV."
"Stay tuned. Don't touch the dial,"
"In like Flynn."
"You sound like a broken record"
"He's a carbon copy of...
"Here's a nickel. Call somebody who cares"
"Better dead then red'"
"He snuck in over the trasom"
"You should dial her up."
"Get cranking."
"Your brother looks like the milkman."
"That's the $64,000 dollar question."
"I saw it on the tube."
"It was a Kodak moment.'
"I got a bunch of 45's."
"I'll ring you back on the extension tonight around eight bells."

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