Friday, August 19, 2016

My Opinion Of Computer Self Driving Cars


Yeah sure there are a lot of people who shouldn't be driving who can't even walk straight, but... * There are 1,000's of weather related conditions computers simply won't be able to handle. There's a vast difference between two inches of snow and one foot. Fog conditions that can vary between several feet to a few inches. Braking and acceleration is best left up to drivers. Even those who might have poor judgment.

* Computer driven vehicles will never differentiate when to brake if leafs or some small none threatening animal should cross paths up close against their sensors over that of some object several feet away resulting in a hard unexpected braking condition.

* They can't anticipate another driver's actions as a vigilant driver may become aware of and react accordingly.

* What will a self driven car do coming across a double parker. Sit there all day?

* What will a self driving car decide to do if traffic lights are out?

* What will a self driving car do if there's a construction flagman, emergency responder or school crossing guard directing traffic?.

* Will self driving cars recognize flooded road conditions which might imperil passengers lives?

* Will they recognize pot holes or continue full speed?
I could go on and on. If people are too stupid to drive or pay attention anymore and wish to rely on computers in the future to do all our thinking for us we've reached a very sorry point in our evolution.

I may be an old fart, but these contraptions seem, dangerous to me. I'm predicting they'll never replace human drivers.

If they do, heaven help us if we become so stupid as to not being able to make our own judgments on the road or with anything else for that matter.

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