Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Has Been Hellva August So Far For Me

Personal Stuff
The Social Security Fiasco:
Since National Penn Bank has been converted over to BB&T the wife went online to Social Security in an attempt to convert her direct deposits over to her new routing numbers. Social Security no longer recognizes her even though she applied online three years ago. So she filled out all the questions as if she never had a login.

What followed was a series of multiple choice questions in which they already knew the answers to. They recognized she had a car loan asking how much a month & to who? Which credit cards did she own? Who did we have a prior mortgage with? And a bunch of others I never would have guessed they had privy to. After all was said and done Social Security requires the number to your cell phone so they can send a text message with the required numbers they give you to sign in on.

Hey I thought I better check on mine. I use my Social Security login about two or three times a year. When I logged on a screen this time it came up telling me I had to change my username and password. GOOD GOD! So I did. The next screen said enter your cell phone number so they could text the security code to proceed. Well that went down the dumper real fast. My cell phone's battery blew up wrecking mine so I've been using my wife's. NADDA. Nothing happened. Tried it again and another screen popped up saying try again in 24 hours I've been locked out. 48 hours later same damn thing. So I called Social Security. The person answering unlocked the account. While I stayed online the screen requiring a cell phone number said the number was invalid. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

She said try again. I did three times. Even though the wife's cell phone is only in her name the operator said it shouldn't matter but conceded it was possible. So apparently Social Security already knows the damn cell phone account holders too! Bullshit, She said she already filed complaint but never heard back. How freaking dumb is this! Not every last senior has a cell phone. Indeed in some areas of this country there's not even cell service available especially in Western States far more rural.

Wells Fargo Fiasco:
That same night I went on to my online banking. Wouldn't you know they were as screwy as Social Security. After 10 years of using the same username and password a screen came up forcing me to change them both. At least they allowed an option of a robo voice call to our landline. So I took care of that. The next day when I logged on again the same damn procedure came up forcing me to change my username and password Are you kidding me.. two in two days! I'm afraid to even take another shot at it for now. F*ggig nuts!

Back To BB&T Headaches For The Wife
So now she tried to log onto BB&T to enter these updates. A screen comes up that said her browser is outdated and she can't use it. They link to Microsoft's update site. Problem is she has the last browser offered for her VISTA computer. Therefore she's screwed. She downloaded Google's CHROME browser where she gets the same warning but at least allows her through.

Here's what pisses me off. I'm not about to drop a couple of hundred buck$ for a new computer and cell phone because of these ignorant monkeys. Indeed that's what they are. When I called Social Security I followed their directions and the menu for "online help" never came through. It asked me to press "5" for other options. I did and it took me to an area where I can apply for a new card. Are you kidding me! I called again and a completely different voice menu came up. HEY IT AIN'T ME!

Other Frustrations
Hackers & Programmers:
These software programmers are so over the top about the only ones who can get into accounts are the hackers. No matter how many updates, computer system releases or new smart phone purchases it never ends. The way I figure it the experts at company headquarter servers, the Pentagon, etc. need to worry more about themselves then we. If they can't prevent hacks nobody with a computer or smart phone can either. It starts with them.

Protect Your Privacy:
Bullshit. You can't. Everyone everywhere wants your Social Security, credit card information and cell phone numbers . Social Security already has this information. The credit bureaus already has the information. Retailers, banks, cops, the IRS as does every Harry, Dick & Jane and everyone in between. What privacy.. there ain't none!

There's apps for riding trains, Easy Pass, parking games, pay-per-view. Most have access to direct deposits. Some even requiring maintaining a certain amount in advance before you even spend it. This makes no sense to me.

Hope I Never Get Arrested
I think of bails as blackmailing someone before they've even gone to trial. Supposing someone gets hit with a $75,000 bail, they've got to come up with $7,500 (non refundable to a bail bondsman) or the $75,000 itself. Else sit out in jail for weeks or months for something they may not have been found guilty of. OK I can see why this is necessary for some and repeat offenders, but it's gotten out of hand. Takefor example the case of the John Cramsey who owns a gun store and range in Emmaus. He lost his business after it was broken into three times while he rots in jail. Face it the guy's not going anywhere. It's to a prosecutor's advantage to strip the guy of any money that could go towards lawyers for his defense. Hardly what I call fair justice.

Bridge/Turnpike Tolls/Sales Taxes:
Pennsylvania is taking taxing to a whole new level (as are many other states). In Flint, Michigan garbage collection has been suspended. New Jersey gasoline taxes going up. These are services people can't get around using. What we're seeing is government out of control. Neither party nor their candidates are going to bring an end to this.

All of this is FRUSTRATING ME !

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